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Baseball is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK at the moment and with the increasing coverage of Major League Baseball on British TV the Herts Baseball Club has seen a welcome rise in the number of newcomers to the team. Herts Baseball Club is located conveniently for anyone living in the North West quadrant of London, Hertfordshire and the surrounding regions.

Spring training begins in January every year as the club prepares for the upcoming season. Spring training sessions take place every Sunday, and during the regular season (April-September) we have games on Sundays, and training sessions are typically on Wednesday evenings (6.00pm to 9:00pm).

With a team each in every league of the British Baseball Federation, the Club has many roster spots to fill and is looking to recruit players at all levels of play. We are currently competing in the British Baseball adult leagues where players must be 14 years of age or older.

If you are younger than 14 years of age please visit our club’s Little League pages for details of how to get involved with our youth teams.


  • The 2008 annual membership fee payable by playing club members is equal to £120.00 (50% discount for full time students). If you join the club partway through the season the membership fee is reduced on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you join with 25% of the season remaining then your membership fee would be equal to £30 (25% of £120).

  • Playing members must also purchase the club's official uniform. Jersey (£35), pants (from £23), cap (£10).*

  • Fielding gloves are a player's personal expense. The same applies to other accessories which a player may wish to use (e.g. protective cup, sunflower seeds etc).

  • Our club always welcomes new players of any background and baseball ability.

  • Usually it is best for new players to come for a few training sessions to have a chance to see the club and meet the members and for the club to evaluate the player’s abilities in order to determine the most suitable place in the club’s rosters.

    * uniform prices may change from time to time as a result of factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, change in prices offered by our suppliers etc.

If you are interested in joining Herts Baseball Club or would like to try Baseball, please contact us for details of our upcoming training sessions, games and other events.

UK baseball’s governing body is currently asking affiliated clubs to encourage more and more people around the country to become baseball umpires. Currently there are many umpires around the country who umpire official baseball games in the British Baseball Leagues. They receive fees which are currently approximately £20-£25 per game depending on which division the game is in. Even if you are new to the game there are regular baseball Umpire clinics which can be attended to gain knowledge and attain the necessary licence. If you live close to our club then you would be able to umpire home games for our club. If this is something which you would be interested in or if you would like to receive more information then please contact us.

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